Tis the Season for Ridiculous Cuteness

Although I obviously can’t blog every nest like I do the Cornell Red-tailed Hawks, the internet is full of what seems like a gazillion cams streaming live action of breathtaking elegance and laugh-out-loud adorableness. It’s more than entertainment and charm, although it is that too. There’s healing offered to us in taking these small peeks into these moments of wild beauty – even if some of those moments do cause us to worry.

Here are a few screenshots. In each of these nests eggs are imminent, are being incubated, or have hatched – all within the last several weeks! I won’t include the Cornell Red-tailed Hawks in this post, because obviously – duh. πŸ˜‰

There are so many fantastic cams that I was not able to include in this post, including the numerous bald eagle and peregrine falcon cams where activity abounds. Check out the Bird & Wildlife Cam Links page for many more links!

In no particular order, here are 10 nest cams:

Hellgate Osprey1. Hellgate Osprey Cam (Stan and Iris)

My favorite osprey cam! Recently, there has been some intruder drama, but all is well. Iris laid her first egg of the season today. Cam courtesy of Montana Osprey Project, Riverside Health Care Center, and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Africam Black Eagle Cam2. Black Eagles Verreaux Eagles (Thulane and Emoyeni)

Emoyeni (or Em for short) is over 40 years old but shows no sign of slowing down yet! She is sitting on two eggs. The last one was laid on April 15. Cam courtesy of Africam.

Athena ESO3. Athena Eastern Screech Owl

If you haven’t ever heard an Eastern Screech Owl trilling, you absolutely MUST. Athena has 4 precious owlets (last one hatched on 4/22). There is also an inside cam only,
called Athena’s House. Cam courtesy of Mark-S.

20150430_161526_Bosch Kestrel Cam4. Bosch Kestrel Cams

You don’t want to call one of these fierce little falcons adorable but…ok, well, here is one of the non-adorable birds incubating 5 eggs. Last egg was laid on April 15. Cam courtesy of The Peregrine Fund, Bosch, IDFG, and IBO.

Latvian White-tailed Eagle5. Latvian White-tailed Eagle Cam

How gorgeous! I keep missing the viewing hours though because I can’t seem to get coordinated with the 7 hours ahead of EDT time zone. The cam is only available during daylight hours in Latvia. This chick hatched on…April 15. Tax Day in the U.S. seems like it was a popular day for cam birds. Cam courtesy of LMT and EE.net.

20150430_PM_exploreorg Long-eared Owl Cam6. explore.org Long-eared Owl Cam

These little ones hatched around April 18. I’m still not clear how many she has, although I know there were 6 eggs. Every time I have checked, Mom has always been covering the owlets. Well…as much as she can now, since clearly they are growing like weeds! Cam courtesy of explore.org.

Cornell Laysan Albatross Cam7. Cornell Laysan Albatross Cam

This is an extremely fun cam as besides the adorable chicks, you never know what bird traffic you are going to see. ‘Trosses, chickens, red-crested cardinals, cattle egrets, and others make their appearances on cam. The chicks that we can see on cam – Niau and Kala’i hatched end of January/beginning of February. Courtesy of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

exploreorg Osprey Cam8. explore.org Osprey Cam (Steve and Rachel)

Another one of my favorite osprey cams. I still haven’t caught a screenshot of Steve this year. This is Rachel in the top photo. The sunsets on this cam are particularly magnificent as well! Still anticipating eggs. Courtesy of explore.org.

20150430_180107_WBU Barred Owls9. WBU Barred Owl Cam

Two precious owlets are starting to peek out from under mom more. The last owlet hatched on April 21. Courtesy of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Wild Birds Unlimited.

Texas Barn Owls10. Texas Barn Owl Cam (Casper and Dottie)

One down, 5 to go!
The first owlet hatched just 2 days ago. Courtesy of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

…and finally…

AFricam Cheetah Birth CamAfricam Cheetah Birth Cam (Salome)

Well, obviously these aren’t birds. πŸ˜‰ But who can resist watching these cuties? Salome gave birth to 5 healthy cubs on April 17. After a week of viewer anticipation, she of course gave birth when the cam went down due to bad weather. Cats!

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  1. Alice Witt says:

    The feathered and the furry —–> pure joy. πŸ™‚

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