Red-tailed Hawk Story – Week 5

BREAKING NEWS!  At 5:13 PM EDT, the first pip was spotted! 🙂

Without Magnifier:
With Magnifier:

20150202_171347_CURTH_first pip

I’m not sure what this means for the below “Guess the Hatch Contest.” 😉

Cornell Lab of Ornithology's

The  Cornell Lab of Ornithology is having a  “Guess the Hatch” Contest! Click on the picture to be taken to the link!

MoreInfoNeed a reminder about the Expected Hatch Windows? Click on the “More Info” button. Since “hard incubation” starts after all 3 eggs are laid, and given the history of this nest, it is expected that the most likely date for the first hatch will be May 6. However, he or she could surprise us!


Photos this week were taken by trtldove: Click here to see all her pictures on Flickr!

20150427_Ez Hunting_origBOGphotobytrtldove

0427 Ez Hunting. Original BOG photo by trtldove

20150501_Walkin the Rail_origBOGphotobytrtldove

0501 BR “Walkin the Rail”. Original BOG photo by trtldove. (If this doesn’t make you laugh, there is no hope for you!)



0426 BR and eggs, by behyve


0427 Ez brings greenery, by 1Claude


0427 Evening exchange, by behyve


0429 BR with a pretty warble, by keysfishin

20150429_1137_BR knocking ez over_KHood

0429 BR politely knocks Ez over to tell him his shift is definitely done. By K. Hood.


0429 Ezra, by W. May

20150429_1310_BR rolling eggs_JHecht

0429 BR rolling eggs, by J. Hecht


0429 The F Troop, by W. May


0429 BR and Ez, by elly

2015043081932 AM_keysfishin

0430 Ez rolling the eggs, by keysfishin


0430 Ez, by K. Jenkins


0430 BR, by MV

20150501_0645_Gmomof10 twitter



0502 “BR returns from morning break with a big stick. Excuse her EZ. He decides to leave when she starts brushing his head feathers.” by K. Hood


0502 BR checks on the eggs, by keysfishin





0502 Ez hangs out on the lights across the field from the nest and then takes off.

20150502 114458_GCR

0502 mmmm snake, by GCR

In Other News…

Nesting season in full-swing in other areas not that far from Big Red and Ezra’s nest . Other Red-tailed Hawks, Ospreys, and Owls have also had their share of local paparazzi. 🙂


There are 3 bobbleheads now at the Cliff Hawks nest. Original BOG photo by Sully.


Great-Horned Owlets. Original BOG photo by Christinebshoals.

Salt Point Osprey_April2015_christinebshoals

Salt Point Osprey. Original BOG photo by Christinebshoals.

MoreInfoFor live video coverage of local nests, as well as of Big Red and Ezra, check out Karel and BOGette’s tours here.

More photos: See christineb shoals and sully on Flickr.

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  1. Jane Keutzer (jebbynurse) says:

    Love the pic of BR walking the rail!!

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