Red-tailed Hawk Story – Week 7

Big Red and Ezra’s three little F nestlings are thriving. Viewers thoroughly enjoy all their antics and as usual have shared many excellent captures (as you can see below.) Several times recently, BR has gone on high alert to defend her nest from an unknown threat, as can seen in this video. All is well. We have had Fs escaping the nest bowl and returning. All is well. Just this afternoon, one of the Fs briefly had a small flexible stick temporarily lodged in the side of his or her mouth. It was taken care of during a feeding (when BR was blocking the view, of course.) Every day is an adventure. All is well!

The nestlings have been developing gray thermal down, which will enable them to thermoregulate and to not have to be brooded constantly by a parent. However, we all know from prior years that Big Red will go to great lengths to brood them as much and for as long as possible…long after they stop fitting under her!

Video from 2013, well into the 3rd week after hatching:


      • Don’t forget to check out the live tours from BOG streaming video channels (links here). You will have the opportunity not only to see off-nest views of Big Red and Ezra but also great footage of ospreys, the Cliff Hawks nest, Sapsucker Woods,
        and more.
05152015_AM_BR taking off after her little dip_KB_WMay

This scap was taken by W. May on 5/15 from a Karel’s Cam tour (BOGette filming.) “BR taking off after her little dip.” Watch the tours here.

    • Cam 2 is up and running – thank you, Cornell Bird Cams! Besides the alternate view, if the main cam is not currently focused on the nest, no worries…you can always keep an eye on the nest.


    • Yes, we do have a video archive this year! It’s here. You can access all the videos we have done this year, plus links to previous archives and videographer channels. Today’s most popular video was unfortunately at BR’s expense in this footage of a rare, inelegant entrance! πŸ˜‰ “BR has a branch issue….Oops!”

  • New chat times have been posted by Cornell Bird Cams and will start on May 18.

    New Chat Times


Many thanks once again to trtldove for sharing her wonderful pictures with us!

0513 Big Red on Break, Original BOG Photo by trtldove

0513 Big Red on Break. Original BOG Photo by trtldove

0514 Ezra_Original BOG photo_trtldove

0514 Ezra. Original BOG photo by trtldove

05152015_Ez Parking Attendant_Original BOG Photo_trtldove

0515 at Schoellkopf. “It’s always nice to be greeted by a handsome valet in the morning to help you park your car.” Original BOG photo by trtldove


05092015_1219_Mom is currently hiding everyone under shredded bark_MRoy

0509 12:19 PM “Mom is currently hiding everyone under shredded bark.” M. Roy

Video (elly) “A New Bark Blanket”:


0510 06:06 AM. T. Rosen

05102015_0811_quiet morning on the nest_RCrosman

0510 8:11 AM. Quiet morning on the nest. R. Crosman


05102015_0920_squillow time_sebourne

0510 920 AM. “Squillow Time.” sebourne


05102015_1446_te_We may have a mommas boy_WMay

0510 “We may have a momma’s boy.” W. May



0511 7:40 AM. N. Roper

05112015_1130_te_Look at me I can fly_WMay

0511 “Look at me! I can fly!” W. May


0511 12:42 Watching over the Fs. GhentArt


0511 1:10 PM. behyve

0511 2:04 PM.

0511 2:04 PM. “Adorable baby talons.” M. Roy

05112015_1600_te_Waiting out the rain_MRoy

0511 4:00 PM. “Waiting out the rain” M. Roy


05122015_1132_Squirrel delivery_WRuther

0512 11:32 AM. “Squirrel Delivery.” W. Ruther


Video (Cornell Bird Cams) “Both Ezra and Big Red Feed Nestlings Together”:

05122015_1653_standing in line at the cafeteria_MV

0512 4:53 PM. “Standing in line at the cafeteria.” MV

05132015_0013_Up at Midnight_GhentArt

0513 12:14 AM. “Up at Midnight.” GhentArt


05132015_a delicate love_raylene

0513. “A delicate love.” Raylene

05132015_1247_Feathers and Fluff_GhentArt

0513 12:47 PM. “Feathers and Fluff.” GhentArt

05132015_1840_Infamous Cuddle Puddle_NRoper

0513 6:40 PM. “Infamous Cuddle Puddle.” N. Roper

05132015_1840_Sweet mama_NRoper

0513 6:40PM. “Sweet mama.” N. Roper

05132015_1903_caption this_MV

0513 7:03 PM. “Caption this.” MV



0514 5:28 AM. keysfishin

05142015_0531_early morning breakfast with the family_1Claude

0514 5:31 AM. “Early morning breakfast with the family.” 1Claude




0514 2:49 PM. behyve

05142015_1516_twitterVideo (elly) – similar event from 5/10 – “F1 Escapes the Nest Bowl (and returns!)”:


0514 3:36 PM. J. Hecht


05152015_0830_Eye C U_NRoper

0515 8:30 AM. “Eye C U.” N. Roper



5152015_1256PM_Surrounded by soft to snuggle in_KRobarts

0515 12:56 PM. “Surrounded by squillows…so soft to snuggle in.” K. Robarts


0515 6:44 PM. “Just a sweet moment.” elly



05162015_0524_Ez still trying to get the kiddos under him_1Claude

0516 5:24 AM. “Ez still trying to get the kiddos under him. That will not be happening for much longer.” 1Claude

=> Flashback to 2012 <=

This is what Ez looks like when he is trying to brood nestlings who are too big for him.

05052012 elly




05162015_0839_what a face_elly

5/16 8:39 AM. “What a face!” elly


0516 9:53 AM. GCR



0416 10:30 AM. behyve


0416 12:49 PM. elly

And just because with kids, it’s always something…

05162015_1326_a bit of a stick problem_elly 05162015_1519_twitter


  1. Toni Rosen says:

    Wonderful Elly. Thank you!

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  2. Alice Witt says:

    You are doing such a fantastic job, Elly. You are the best!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jane Keutzer (jebbynurse) says:

    Elly, thanks so much for doing this! It is so hard to watch all the cams, and your weekly updates really help!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you Elly. I hadn’t seen the one with EZ brooding. Looks like a table skirt. Lol

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Another great round-up, Elly, thank you! Loved the 2012 flashback of EZ brooding. What a hoot! And I missed the mis-step by BR with the branch this morning. She looked annoyed and then tried to pretend it didn’t happen. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Diane Harris says:

    It’s great to have these all bundled together! Thanks for your work Elly! Much appreciated!

    Liked by 1 person

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