Red-tailed Hawk Story – Week 8

The Fs are growing so fast. Pin feathers, little tails…oh my! And, as almost every viewer knows by now, F1 horked an entire squirrel tail. The Fs have begun flapping; however, the balance thing is still a bit tricky! As always, related videos are available in our video archives. When the Fs are not being stuffed by BR until they have golf ball-sized crops, they spend the day sleeping it off and growing.


What are pinfeathers? Click here.


What do you mean by “hork”? To red-tailed hawk cam viewers, “hork” means swallowing the prey or a large part of the prey whole. To owl cam viewers, “hork” means to expel a pellet. Well, it’s going one way or the other, right? Ok, moving on…

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20150523_BR_original photo by christinebshoals

5/23 BR, original photo by christinebshoals

20150520_BR and Ez take lunch together _original BOG photo by trtldove

5/20 BR and Ez take lunch together.
Original photo by trtldove

20150518_Ez leaving 2014 nest w squirrel_Original photo by trtldove

5/18. Ez Flying with Squirrel from 2014 nesting platform. Original photo by trtldove.

20150521_BR_original photo by Sully

5/21 BR, original BOG photo by Sully

20150521_Hooray you can finally see the kids from across the street_orig phto by trtldove

5/21 “Hooray! You can finally see the kids from across the street!”
Original photo by trtldove.


20150517_0741_Ez in the Fog_1Claude

0517 7:41 AM. Ez in the fog. 1Claude

20150517_ _SCralle

0517. S. Cralle



5/17. 7:30 PM. “You never know what you are going to see on cam tours.” elly


0517. 8:27 PM. “Another beautiful sunset in Ithaca.” elly


5/17. 8:39 PM. behyve


20150518_Ez_BOGette Tour_WMay

5/18. Ez. From Karel and BOGette Cam Tour. W. May

20150518_ _BR gracefully delivers a stick_KHood

20150518. BR gracefully delivers a stick. K. Hood

20150518_0739 _Fs are getting big - sweetness in the nest_NRoper

0518 7:39 AM. “The Fs are getting big – sweetness in the nest.” N. Roper


0518. 1:47 PM. CLMbirds


20150518_1454_Afternoon Snack_gidgetpb

5/18. 2:54 PM. “Afternoon Snack.” gidgetpb

“Horking Squirrel Tail is Part of Growing Up.” elly

20150518_1600_gorgeous feathers BR_ghent art

0518. 4:00 PM. Gorgeous feathers, BR. GhentArt

20150518_1930_Halp Im in a 2-way squeeze_CCreech

5/18. 7:30 PM. “Halp, I’m in a 2-way squeeze.” C. Creech

20150518_1937_BR being blown by the wind_elly

0518. 7:37 PM. BR being blown by the wind. elly

20150518_2300_ NOT a waterproof bird_LCulley

0518. 11:00 PM. “NOT a waterproof bird.” LCulley


0519. 5:49 AM. keysfishin

20150519_ _NRoper

519. N. Roper

20150519__ _BR tries to get the Fheap to fit under her_Carillon

0519. “BR tries to get the F heap to fit under her.” Carillon


0519. 6:09 PM. Tail. elly


0519. 6:10 PM. elly


20150520_0000_A windy midnight but BR has everything under control as usual_ToniRoseSD

05/20. 12:00AM. “A windy midnight but BR has everything under control as usual.” ToniRoseSD

20150520_ _Woah, dude You have morning squirrel breath -mbowser_NRoper

0520. “Woah, dude, you have morning squirrel breath.”
Caption by M. Bowser, Scap by N. Roper

20150520_0918_UFO from Ez_GCR

5/20 9:18 AM. Ez Delivers UFO (Unidentified Furry Object). GCR

20150520_1606_F Troop Playing_MV

0520. 4:06 PM. F Troop playing. MV

20150520_1830_Family is all together_WMay

5/20 “The family is all together.” W. May


20150520_6:30 PM. “Tug of War.” M. Roy


20150520_2200_I dont want to go to sleep_NRuslander

0520. 10:00 PM “I don’t want to go to sleep.” N. Ruslander

20150521_0547_Ez trying to get the kids covered on a chilly morning_1Claude

0521. 0547. “Ez trying to get the kids covered on a chilly morning.” 1Claude

20150521_ _ Ez on Cornell Spires_KarelBOGette_Gmomof10

0521. Ez on Sage spire. From Karel and BOGette Tour. Gmomof10

20150521_ _Everybody say awww_karenqltr

0521. “Everybody say ‘awww’.” karenqltr

20150521_ _gotta love those feet_CGuthrie

0521. “Gotta love those feet.” C. Guthrie


20150521_0935_pin feathers_carillon

0521. 9:35 AM. Pin feathers. Carillon


0521. 6:06 PM. Birder23



20150521_1839_Wings out and on feet_behyve

0521. 6:39 PM. “Wings out and on feet.” behyve


20150522_ _Hey mom are you going to feed me or what_WMay

0522. “Hey mom, are you going to feed me or what? Mom?” W. May

20150522_1142_Wanting Even More_behyve

0522. 11:42 AM. “Wanting even more.” behyve


0522. 11:50 AM. elly

20150522_1420_Ez brings a pigeon_behyve

0522. 2:20 PM. “Ez brings a pigeon.” behyve


20150522_1525_wing feathers coming in_ghentart

0522. 3:25 PM. “Wing feathers coming in.” GhentArt

20150522_1643_Fs Faces_BSmith

0522. 4:43 PM. “Fs Faces.” B. Smith


0522. 7:32 PM. elly

20150523_0552_Brooding and Basking in the sunrise_KHood

0523. “Brooding and basking in the sunrise.” K. Hood

20150523_Breakfast Time_Karels Cam_Gmomof10

0523. “Breakfast Time.” From Karel and BOGette Cam Tour. Gmomof10


0523. Feather growth. elly


0523. 11:52 AM. Tail growth. elly

Some Excellent Flapping, Followed by Falling on Butts and a Slice! elly


  1. Toni Rosen says:

    Just wonderful – thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. georgie says:

    absolutely beautiful! Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. CrabtowneMd says:

    Thank you Elly. This was a tough week and very little hawk watching occurred. Great summary of all the wonderful events and milestones.

    Liked by 1 person

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