Red-tailed Hawk Story – Week 9

The Fs continue to progress rapidly in their development – too rapidly for many of us to whom it seems like it was just yesterday that they were tiny little white fuzzy bobbleheads. In Week 9 since the first egg was laid, feathers seemed to be sprouting by the minute, flappercising grew stronger, and self-feeding was attempted with varying degrees of success. Although the nestlings are much too large now for BR to brood, this dedicated mama has done her best to shelter her young from the rain and wind arriving in Ithaca on Saturday and continuing on into this morning as I am writing this.



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Be sure to visit the story page on “BR’s Stealing Squirrel from Ez” with quotes and pictures by trtldove!

20150527_Orig BOG Photo_S Jones

0527 Original BOG Photo by S. Jones

20150527_Orig BOG photo_trtldove

0527 It is probably advisable at this point to not park under the nest! Original BOG photo by trtldove

20150529_TUVU too close_orig BOG photo_trtldove

0527 “TUVU (Turkey Vulture) too close to the nest! I thought for sure BR would rip its head off, but she watched calmly from fledge ledge. EZ did do a fly by the TUVU as a friendly reminder. Then BR came off the nest and soared above, then dove…but I could not find her afterwards…” Original BOG Photo by trtldove

20150529_BR above_orig BOG photo_trtldove

0527 BR above. Original BOG photo by trtldove

20150529_I'm pretty sure that this means someone is going to be unhappy at the receiving end_orig BOG photo_trtldove

0527 “I’m pretty sure that this means someone is going to be unhappy at the receiving end.” Original BOG photo by trtldove.


Be sure to check out the special page with scaps of feather and tail development this week!

20150524_0430_Mommm it's 430 am, can't you wait to preen until tomorrow_T Rosen

0524 “Mommm it’s 4:30 AM, can’t you wait to preen until tomorrow?” T. Rosen


0524 5:52 AM. keysfishin


0524 6:16 AM. keysfishin

20150524_0721_BR and F

0524 7:21 AM. J. Hecht

20150524_1354_Just cuteness_C Guthrie

0524 1:54 PM. C. Guthrie

Ez Preens the Kids

20150524_1745_Flappercising F_J Hecht

0524 5:45 PM. J. Hecht

20150524_1858_Just hanging out_MV

0524 6:58 PM. MV

20150524_1950_post-prandial stupor_J Hecht

0524 7:5 PM. “Post-prandial stupor” J. Hecht

20150524_PM_Oh so beautiful_K Robarts

0524 “Oh so beautiful.” K. Robarts

20150525_Ez on Memorial Day Flagpole _Karel and BOGette Cam_M Roy

0525 Ez on Memorial Day Flagpole, from Karel and BOGette Cam. M. Roy

20150525_0900_W May

0525 9:00 AM. W. May



Starting to “Claim” Prey

20150525_1854_Dad you brought us that dinner 5 mins ago. If you wont feed us I'll just help myself_MV

0525 6:54 PM Trying to help oneself. MV

20150525_trying to self-feed_N Roper

0525 Trying to self-feed. N. Roper

20150526_1628_Nice Stand and Wing Spread F3_GhentArt

0526 4:28 PM “Nice Stand and Wing Spread F3.” GhentArt

20150526_1814_Hungry hungry hawks_MV

0526 6:14 PM “Hungry, hungry hawks.” MV




20150526_PM_Cuteness alert_G Kelly

0526 “Cuteness alert.” G. Kelly

Sweet Peeping from F3

20150526_2040_sunset_K Robarts

0526 8:40 PM. K. Robarts

20150527_BR_Karel and BOGette Cam_W May

0527 BR from Karel and BOGette Cam. W. May

20150527_1023_Maybe it needs some dipping sauce or something_K Robarts

0527 10:23 AM “Maybe it needs some dipping sauce or something.” K. Robarts

20150527_1330_a sibbie kiss_N Roper

0527 “A sibbie kiss.” N. Roper

20150527_PM_Crop alert_ G Kelly

0527 “Crop Alert.” G. Kelly


0528 9:33 AM BR delivers. GCR

20150528_1300_are you sure they're supposed to be this big_N Roper

0528 1:00 PM “Are you sure they’re supposed to be this big?” N. Roper


20150528_1817_Feeding time with Daddy Ez. Trying to get own bite. Ez feeds small bites_C Towe

0528 “Feeding time with Daddy Ez. Ez feeds little bites so one F decided to try to get his or her own.” 1Claude

Ez Does Feeding but F3 has Other Ideas

F2 self-feeds; F1 had tried the same thing with the same piece earlier

Double slice!


0528 6:34 PM. behyve

20150528_1858_B Smith

0528 6:58. B. Smith


0528 9:37 PM. “Nighthawk.” MV

20150529_0200_A 2 am hug_T Rosen

0529 “2AM hug.” T. Rosen





0529 2:43 PM F2. elly


529 6:02 PM. behyve

20150529_2055_F1 getting nibbles from sib_elly

529 8:55 PM. F1 gets a goodnight kiss from sib. elly

20150530_PM_Ez departs the spire base_Karel and BOGette CaM_MRoy

0530 Ezra departs the spire base on Karel and BOGette Cam. M. Roy

20150530_0819_Double Wingercise

0530 8:19 AM Double Wingercise (F2, F3). elly


20150530_1016_F3 tilty head_elly

0530 10:16 AM The tilty heads have begun!. (F3) elly

20150530_1140_Our lil buddy Chip came for a sleepover_K Robarts

0530 11:40 AM “Our lil buddy Chip came for a sleepover.” K. Robarts


0530 1:22 PM. (F3) elly

20150530_AM_tracking mom above_K Robarts

0530 Tracking mom above. (F1, F3, F2 front to back) K. Robarts

BR stays with the Fs in the Rain and Wind

Flashback to 2013: One of the favorite videos of so many….”A Sudden Shower” video by ncaerie. When Ez stayed with BR and the newly hatched Ds in the rain.

20150530_1838PM_BR watches over the Fs_S Sharp

0530 6:38 PM BR watches over the Fs. S. Sharp

20150530_PM_Big yawn, big feet_G Kelly

0530 Big yawn (or crop adustment), Big feet! G. Kelly

20150530_PM_Can we have some privacy while we eat_C Guthrie

0530 “Can we have some privacy while we eat?” C. Guthrie

20150530_1800_most adorable face ever_N Roper

0530 6:00PM “Most adorable face ever!” N. Roper

20150530_PM_Time for a nap_G Kelly

0530 “Time for a nap.” G. Kelly

It turned out to be quite the stormy night and Cam 1 went out. Cam 2 was still up and we were relieved to know that Ezra was safely tucked away as well.



0531 8:54 AM What cam viewers saw Sunday morning….1Claude

Did You Know?


…that leg/tarsus scales are part of molting?

LCulley_leg tarsus scales molt

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