Red-tailed Hawk Story – Week 10

We left off last week with a very wet BR attempting to shelter the Fs from rainy weather. The rain continued on and off throughout the week. Although BR did not always attempt to shield her ever growing nestlings, she has not left them alone on the nest for the night (even when wasn’t raining.) This is coming soon, although both parents will roost close by. For the time being, however, BR continued to return to the nest every night. Even as of late Saturday night, she was making a comical attempt to brood – what an optimistic gal! πŸ™‚

The Fs made great progress this week with self-feeding. As the week closed out, F3 wasn’t quite there yet…but it won’t be long. The Fs are beginning to chaotically scramble to rush Ez and mantle prey deliveries. Most often this past week, BR arrived to do the feeding and make sure that everyone shared. As we know, this will change. And it doesn’t rule out food fights during feedings! The Fs are developing into great young hawks with strong survival instincts.



We have some very dedicated people who go out and stream high-quality video – streams include the Cornell Hawks nest but also the Cliff Hawks and the local Ospreys, Olin and Olive, and other local birds. Broadcasts on Karel and BOGette’s channel are frequent – almost never a day goes by without one or more. Follow Karel and BOGette on Livestream. You can not only see the live broadcasts but also HD videos and scaps from their tours on their channel. Also join Ferris on his weekly tours of Montezuma, Sapsucker Woods, Cornell Hawks, and more. And of course we have our talented BOG photographers!

0604_BOG PHOTO_trtldove_BR with Bark

0604 BR bringing bark back to the next. Original BOG photo by trtldove.
trtldove on Flickr:


0531_1024_a very wet BR_elly

0531 10:24 AM. A very wet BR. elly

0531_1311_Peachy Color and Head Feathers developing on F1_behyve

0531 1:11 PM. Feather development and peachy color coming in on F1. behyve

0531_1638_posted_F3 guarding his pine cone toy_Raylene

0531 4:38 PM. “F3 guarding his pine cone toy.” Raylene607


“Waterlogged” (ncaerie)


0601_925_N Roper

0601 9:25 AM. N. Roper


0602_0130_Peek-a-boo_T Rosen

602 1:30 AM. “Peek-a-boo.” T. Rosen


0602_0845_3 mantling delivery_GCR

0602 8:45 AM. F3 mantling delivery. GCR

0602_0915_W May


0602_1945_approx_E Hull

0602 7:45 PM. E. Hull

0602_1807_3, 2, 1_B Smith

0602 6:07 PM. F3, F2, F1. B. Smith



0603_0800_Morning Duties and Exercise_N Roper



Tracking – “Do You See What I See?” (ncaerie)

0603_2031_F3 Stretching_elly

0603 8:31 PM. F3 Stretching while BR looks on. elly

0604 BR stoop sequence captured by keysfishin:, scroll left

0604_1000_BR stoop sequence_keysfishin

0604_1147_posted_M Pollack

“Dad, We Don’t Have to Eat Baby Food Anymore!” (ncaerie)



0604. “Wow!” (F1) K. Robarts

0605_0749_posted_A Tale of 3 Tails_DVogel

0605. “A Tale of 3 Tails”. D. Vogel. Great comparison shot and description!

0605_0806_approx_3, 2, 1_S Sharp

0605. 8:06 AM. S. Sharp

0605_1539_F2, F3, F1._MV

0605 3:39 PM. F2, F3, F1. MV

0605_1654_Beautiful Pale Eyes_GhentArt

0605. 4:54 PM. “Beautiful Pale Eyes.” GhentArt


0605_1828 _F3 wings_elly

0605 6:28 PM. F3 wings. elly

0605_1831_F2 wings_elly

0605 6:31. F2 wings. elly

0605_1829_F1 wings_elly

0605 6:29 PM. F1 wings. elly

“F Wingercising – Stronger Every Day!”


0605 8:05 PM. F2, F3, F1. behyve

0605_2023_F2 showing off polka dot pantaloons_elly

0605 8:23 PM. F2 showing off polka dot pantaloons. elly

“Huddling and Chirping in the Rain”

Just some humor…”Kids! Don’t Knock Your Mom Over!”


0606_1058_BR observes Fs tug of war'ing_M Roy

0606 10:58 AM. “BR observes Fs tug-of-war ‘ing.” M. Roy

“Everyone wins tug-of-wars”

0606_1148_F3, F1 tails_elly

0606 11:48. F3 and F1 tails. elly

0606_1234_F3 sleeping_elly

0606 12:34 PM. F3 sleeping. elly

0606_1314_Gazing out the back door_M Roy

0606 1:14 PM. “Gazing out the back door.” M. Roy

0606_1530_Me and Dad guarding our nest_F2_C Creech

0606 3:30 PM. “Me and Dad guarding our nest.” (F2) C. Creech

0606_1841_F2 preening tail_elly

0606 6:41 PM. F2 preening tail. elly


0606 7:43 PM. MV


0606 8:41 PM. F3, F2, F1. behyve

“BR drops down from above
and makes a comical brooding attempt.”

0606_2150_Hawk Mountain_GhentArt

0606 9:50 PM. “Hawk Mountain.” GhentArt

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  1. Kat Jenkins says:

    Elly, this is so awesome. Thanks for all your amazing work to record the lives of our beautiful fast-growing F-troop!!!

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