Red-tailed Hawk Story – Fledge Post!

0622 f3 0 trtldove

F3’s fledge. BOG Photo by trtldove

And finally BR and Ez’s darling Fs have all fledged. Beautiful fledges – no “fludges.” No one used the “fledge ledge,” although it seemed that F2 was thinking about it. I have put together a Pre-Fledge/Fledge slideshow and I hope you enjoy it!

Just a few other things worth mentioning (well, I’m sure there are others I am forgetting!)

  • Chat will come to a close on Sunday, June 28. The cam will stay on.
  • If you are on Facebook, you may request to join the Cornell Hawk Cam Chatters Group if you wish. (Do a Facebook search and you will see it.) Be aware this is a PUBLIC group.
  • Red-tailed Hawk Story posts will continue to be published in the Red Flower Journal for a few months, although perhaps not on such a regular basis.
  • Follow BOG channel broadcasts like Karel and BOGette’s and BOG Flickr accounts like trtldove’s and christinebshoals’ – links are listed on the Video, Photos & Scaps page.
  • Video captures will also continue to be captured and posted in our Video Archives whenever there is opportunity.
  • Enjoy all the wonderful material on our Chatters Corner page! This page will continue to be updated until no more submissions are made. Please submit your own material (rather than asking someone else to submit on your behalf) so that we can contact you if there are questions or clarifications needed.

It has been wonderful to be with you all throughout this season.



6/23 F1 inspects the camera after returning to the nest from fledge. behyve


6/23 F1 inspects the camera after returning to the nest from fledge. behyve


  1. Becky Racaniello says:

    Elly, thank you so much for your dedication, time, effort and expertise. It’s been a pleasure to share this experience through your eyes.

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  2. Gretchen Sterner says:


    Liked by 2 people

  3. Elly and ToniRoseSD, the pleasure has been all ours! Thank you again for sharing your beautiful, informative, creative, wonderful work. : )

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  4. Joanne Tardio Engel says:

    Elly, watching this tonite brought back such wondrous memories. This has been a difficult year for us all, but watching the nests of the past have healing vibes.
    Joanne Enge (quakermom)

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