In the House of Charn

HouseofCharn post

Dark side of ambition’s child
Won’t stand still and talk awhile
Long gone, there’s no more being
Ring the bell and start the bleeding
This world forbids that we create
Nothing done without the hate
Lie to me; I’ll lie to you
Echoes of what once seemed true
Underneath the failing sun
There is no other word but one
A bitter hunger to control
Never seems to take its toll
While you’ll announce, you won’t hear
What just might be joy or tears
Betrayal doesn’t wound your soul
Pretend that it can make you whole
Based on the “The House of Charn” which is on one level, a place in a book. Lewis, C.S. The Magician’s Nephew. Great Britain: C.S. Lewis Pte Ltd, 1955. Print.

You don’t get to pick and choose what’s real. Having one of those weeks where all that fake “positive” sh*t really bugs me.


  1. Jennifer Sergeant says:

    Dear Elly,
    My intention is not to invade your space. Just want you to know I hear you, and your words radiate back to a kindred soul. Thank you for the OM post too.
    With love,

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