Red-tailed Hawk Story: Catching Up With Big Red and Ezra

Although being in BR and Ez’s nesting “off-season” gives me the opportunity to write more posts about other things, BR and Ez never really have an off-season. Our Birders On the Ground delight in catching up with them year-round. I love the relationship that the BOGs have developed with these hawks (and many other birds.) They know all of BR and Ez’s habits, endearing personality traits, idiosyncrasies, favorite places, etc. And the rest of us are so lucky that they share these with us!


Note: Captions in quotation marks are written by the person owning the photo.


From’ album: Celebrating Urban Hawks. F-trooper, juvenile Red-tailed Hawk coming in for a landing. Check out how the feathers are used for this maneuver and compare to the next image…”


See above credit and description. “F-trooper juvenile Red-tailed Hawk take-off from a very urban setting.”


From BOGette.  11/21/2015. Ezra. “Wonderful to spend time with him this morning and to have some unexpected sunshine on him.” Click on photo to access the event.

BR_Woodg Horning_14Nov2015

From Woodg Horning. 11/14/2015. BR. Click on photo to see this on Flickr.

EZ_Woodg Horning_08Nov2015

From Woodg Horning. 11/8/2015. Ezra. Click on photo to see this on Flickr.


From trtldove. BR


From BOGette. 11/17/2015. “Tot Adorbz!” Click on photo to access event.


From trtldove. Ezra. Click on picture to see this on Flickr.


From BOGette. 11/12/2015. “I’ll Admit it – I love this girl! She exudes so many things – ‘I’m powerful, strong, mighty, quick, talented, caring,’ and always looks beautiful. Wow!” Click on photo to access the event.


From BOGette. 11/15/2015. “Whatcha Lookin at Sweetheart?” Click on photo to access the event.

Ez and Bluejay_BOGette_15Nov2015

From BOGEtte. 11/15/2015. “Thanks Jay But Could You Cut It a Little Less Short Next Time? Across the lake we see this blue jay helping Ez with a little trim and a shave.” Click on photo to access the event.


Here are two wonderful stories (with pictures, of course!) from trtldove!

Our Queen Shows Off Her Diving Skills_BOGette_10012015

Our BOGette has won “Best in Show” from Cornell University’s Pawprint publication! Congratulations BOGette! Photo entitled, “A Fanciful Dive.” Click on photo to see the article.



This is a busy time for many cams! Check out a listing of cam links here. Romeo and Juliet (AEF’s Northeast Florida Eagle Cam) have 2 eggs, White-tailed Eagles in Latvia/Estonia are working on their nest, Cornell & the Haché’s Ontario FeederWatch Cam is back online, and much, much more!

And, while we are on the topic of cams, here is a video of BR and Ez’s visits to the nest in October. Video by ncaerie!


  1. Birdie L says:

    We surely are blessed to have so many generous BOGs!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Kat Jenkins says:

    Elly, thanks for doing this! I feel so connected and am very happy to have the information about the whooping crane migration issue – this is important and I had not seen anything about it anywhere else.

    Liked by 1 person

    • elly k says:

      Hi Kat, you are very welcome! ♥ And yes, I do hope that more people become aware of and sign the petition against the threat to the ultralight program for Whooping Cranes. Total insanity!


  3. CrabtowneMd says:

    Beautiful summary of the Fall with BR &EZ. All of the BOGs at Cornell are great photographers and it is hard to choose a favorite picture, but you have posted some of the best. Another Thank You for helping to spread the word about Operation Migration and the Whooping Cranes. This year’s class is about to enter Kentucky and several adults have already made it to St. Mark’s Refuge in Fl.

    Liked by 1 person

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