Red-tailed Hawk Story: Keeping Us in Suspense

Ahhhhh…the lovely sound of hawk talons on metal grating, and hawkaholics across the world rejoice. I’m not kidding! Nest building and courtship behaviors have commenced. The only problem is that Big Red and Ezra are keeping us in suspense. Will it be the Fernow (2012 and 2015) nest? Or the Weill (2013 and 2014) nest? The pair have been seen working on both nests. The only thing that we know for certain is that Big Red will choose. How much does she really miss the starling “Pez dispenser” at Weill?

Below are some videos, pictures, and scaps taken by various members of the Cornell Hawks community. Please visit Karel and BOGette’s Livestream channel for many more beautiful pictures and videos than I am able to post here.

Excitement is definitely building for the “G” season!

01/28 Fernow: “Hmmm…are we using this nest?” | elly
Apologies for the white line on the bottom! Export error.

01/28 Fernow: “Guess Who?” | 1Claude


01/28 Fernow: “How is This for Being Close to Each Other?” | W. May

LoveTheBeakKissies_Chocolaca Madar_01282016

01/28 Fernow: “Love The Beak Kissies” | Chocolaca Madar


01/28 Fernow: keysfishin


01/28 “Poppey Looking for a Stick for the Weill Hall Nest” | © Karel and BOGette (K. and C. Sedlacek)


01/30 “BR and Ez in Courtship Aerial Dance” |© Karel and BOGette


01/30 “Yabba Zabba! We Think Ezra May Have Bedroom Eyes.”|© Karel and BOGette

01/30 “Nest Near Fernow is Today’s Work Site” | ncaerie

01/30 “Look at Her Beautiful Curved Primaries. Can This Girl Get Anymore Graceful While Working?” | © Karel and BOGette


01/31 “BR Works on Weill Hall Nest” | © Karel and BOGette

1/31″Pit Stop on Fernow Nest” | ncaerie
2/2 “Still Deciding! More Work at Fernow Nest” | elly
Skip the Slo-Mo part at the end. Too slow – another user error.
Ez in Weill Hall Nest_keys_02022016

2/2 Ez on Fernow Nest | keysfishin


2/2 “Ez on Fernow Nest” |© Karel and BOGette


2/2 “Prey Offering” | © Karel and BOGette

Weill Hall Nest by Trtldove_02022016

2/2 “The Weill Hall nest is looking pretty beefy.” |© trtledove (A. Layton)


2/2 “Ez with a beautiful stick for his nest.” | © Karel and BOGette

Ezra at Sunrise by Trtldove_02042016

2/4 “Sunrise on Ezra” | © trtldove


2/4 “We love to see them in the pines.” | © Karel and BOGette


“Only the nest shadow knows which nest for 2016.” | © Karel and BOGette
(BR may have an idea as well….)

Finally – and apropros of nothing related to Big Red and Ezra’s activities – it has been wonderful to see that Karel and BOGette have had some views of a beautiful leucistic hawk!


2/2 “Evening View of a Leucistic Hawk” | © Karel and BOGette


2/6 “Our ‘Palomino’ Leucistic Beauty” | © Karel and BOGette


  1. Lin says:

    Decisions, decisions! Beautiful territory to own for two precious Red Tails! When one area is showing a deficit for food choices, then another looks more appealing. Early signs of spring! Thanks, Elly for the wonderful beginning for Big Red and Ezra.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Kathy Robarts says:

    Glad to get the newest issue of the red flower journal in my email today!!! Looking forward to our new year with BR & EZ and little Gs. Thanks for all your information, videos and pics Elly!!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Alice Witt says:

    Phenomenal sc. caps. They are both so beautiful. I don’t care which decision they go with, as long as they are happy and prosperous.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. shirley wendell says:

    I’m ready for the Gs. Thanks Elly

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Toni Rosen says:

    BR has no idea how many humans she is in control of… nor would she care 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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