Red-tailed Hawk Story: Onward Toward Nesting Season!

How we love to see Big Red and Ezra getting ready for nesting season! The pair have been working on both the Fernow and Weill nests – and of course, mating. Ez has also been bringing BR gifts of food. Their activities have been well documented both on the Cornell Hawks cam (with thanks to keys for great camera work) and by our hardworking BOGs (with thanks to Karel & BOGette, Woodg, trtldove, and others.) Here are a few pictures, scaps, and videos. As always, for many more fantastic HD pictures and videos, visit Karel and BOGette’s Livestream channel.

As a reminder, here are the historical laying, hatch, and fledge dates since 2012. Thanks to GP for maintaining this chart!



0209 Ez Mates with BR on Top of Bradfield | © Karel and BOGette (K. and C. Sedlacek)


0210 | keysfishin scap

“Where Should We Put the Igloo?” | ncaerie


0221 | keysfishin scap

Ez Gets Ready for His Valentines Day Date and Gives Preening Show! | © Karel & BOGette


“Another Priceless – Look How She Watches Him” | © Karel and BOGette


“Ez Looking Up at His Valentine” | © Karel and BOGette


0221 Fernow | keysfishin scap

BR at Stikea | elly


0222 Mating on Track Lights | keysfishin scap


022 | keysfishin scap

Date Morning at Track Tower West | ncaerie

A Gift For You, My Love | ncaerie

ThisGirlisSOOOOGorgeous, JustHavetoPostANotherSingleofHer_KB0223

0223 “This Girl is SOOOO Gorgeous, Just Have to Post Another Single of Her.” | © Karel and BOGette


0223 “BR and Ez Mating and BR Yelling ‘Sweet Nothings’ to Papa” | © Karel and BOGette


0223 “You Put Your Right Wing Up and You Pull the Stick Down…That’s What It’s All About!” | © Karel and BOGette

BR on Fernow Nest | Lab of Ornithology

Ezra I said OAK_trtldove0224

“Ezra, I said OAK!” | © trtldove (A. Layton)


0225 BR | 1Claude scap


0225 Ezra | © trtldove


0225 BR | © trtldove


  1. Donna Proctor says:

    Thank you love seeing the prep for another season ……

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Pike Cottage says:

    The excitement is building in the Hawkaholic community…… It won’t be long now until we are doting a fuzzy nestlings…. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. MoHawk says:

    My 7th graders are waiting for the season to start! They’ve gotten the low-down from the 8th graders, and the excitement is building. Everyone looks up at the ActivBoard screen when entering the classroom each morning. The kids gain such an appreciation for nature, in general, and for hawks, in particular. And that’s how it should be!

    Liked by 1 person

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