Red-tailed Hawk Story: And the Verdict Seems to be….WEILL!

On March 2nd, the cam was switched over to the Weill Hall nest. With good reason, as this nest is much more built up than the Fernow nest and definitely seems to be BR’s choice for this season. It has been great to see BR and Ez more often as they get the nest ready with sticks, greenery, and bark.


0305 Weill Hall with Shadow of Nest Tower


We’re Getting Close! Pic shows last 2 years of Data. Click Here for Full Chart of Data Since 2012. Thanks to gp for keeping this updated!


Papa Sat in Minns Garden This Morning Looking for a Snack_KB_0229

0229 Papa Sat in Minns Garden This Morning Looking for a Snack | © Karel and BOGette (K. and C. Sedlacek)


0303 Beautiful Momma Looking for Breakfast | © Karel and BOGette

0303_and stretttch_trtldove

0303 And Strrretch! | © trtldove (A. Layton)

0303 MV

0303 Ez | MV

0303 K Robarts

0303 BR | K. Robarts

25376623261_47c31f1dc9_z keys 0303

0303 Ez | keys

0304 1Claude

0304 Ez and BR | 1Claude

25496919025_4d10e0ae5b_z keys 0304

0304 BR and Ez | keys

24873682163_53f7b0d908_z keys 0304

0304 BR | keys

0304 TheOtherNestisNiceLetsTakeAnotherLook_SPorter

0304 “The Other Nest is Nice. Let’s Take Another Look!” | S. Porter

“Ezra Brings Vole Bon-Bon Snack For BR” | vid by ncaerie

0304 BR See Quote_christinebphotos

“I envision grace, and I see Big Red…I dream of beauty and I see Big Red…I seek out the exhilaration of a cool, spring breeze, and I find Big Red. Enjoy!” | © christinebphotos

0305 Chochlacha Madar

0305 Ez | Chocalaca Madar

25526152075_f37a531056_z keys 0305

0305 BR | keys

” ‘A Red Tail Rumba & A Tango’ BR Style” | vid by ncaerie

Click here to access the 2016 video archives on Google spreadsheets.

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  1. Toni Rosen says:

    Wonderful Elly, thank you. So excited!!!

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