Red-tailed Hawk Story: 2016, Week 2

On March 31, Ez delivered the first snakes of the season to the nest. Other than that,  it was generally “business as usual.” Keysfishin summed it up as follows in a tweet:

Projected Hatch Dates are as follows, but of course the eggs will hatch when they want to.



0328 @ 7:45 AM BR keeping the eggs nice and dry


0328 @ 2:38 PM BR balling up her talons to protect the eggs as she settles


0330 @ 2:21 PM


0330 @ 2:23 PM Ez rolling the eggs and showing off his pantaloons


0331 @ 3:47 PM BR leaving with the 2nd snake that Ez delivered that afternoon

First Snake Delivery | Vid by elly

It was a windy week! Hold on Ezra! | vid by ryelydennise


Scaps from the Cornell Hawks community: I’m experimenting with some slideshow applications as a means of avoiding excessive scrolling in these posts. (4/7: slideshow that was posted here has been removed due to technical issues.)

BOG GALLERY – All Ezra this Week!

0327_A closeup of our handsome poppey_KB

“A closeup of our handsome poppey” | © Karel and BOGette

0327_Ez fly-by_ccb

“Ez fly-by” | © christinebphotos

0327_KB_Ez hunting in the bramble

“Ez hunting in the bramble” | © Karel and BOGette

0327_KB Ez hunting from the little kissing tree

“Ez hunting from the little kissing tree” | © Karel and BOGette


  • Historical Chart with Dates for Laying, Hatching, and Fledging:
    A note has been added to this chart: “We can identify with certainty when each egg is laid but not the definite order of hatching. Therefore, the individual designations, such as “G1, G2, G3″ [on the chart] should be taken as reasonable estimates only.”
  • Video Index:
  • Bird and Wildlife Cam Links:

Red-tailed Hawk Story, Week 2


  1. GhentArt says:

    What can I say? Love Key’s summary—it’s right on. And the slideshow. And, of course, the BOG photos. Thank you everyone!
    Hugs, GhentArt

    Liked by 1 person

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