Red-tailed Hawk Story: A Strange and Unique Week

My previous post referenced some behaviors from BR and Ez that we have not seen before. This continued into this week. Who knows what it “means” – but these behaviors are definitely interesting to observe nevertheless. This week’s post will again be an abbreviated post due to personal time limitations. I apologize, but I will be unable to pull viewer scaps.

As in prior years, there are plenty of times when BR vocalizes when Ez arrives – and then she continues until he leaves. However, at other times BR has been quiet and she has seemed much more tolerant of Ez just hanging out at the nest.


On the evening of 4/25, the entire family had a long “sweet interlude” (see video here) on the nest. BR tried to feed Ez. Here is a GIF of his amusing reaction:

br tries to feed ez

But the next evening, BR actually fed Ezra several times (see video here). It was very heartwarming! The situation at the nest soon became somewhat strange though, because BR left and came back multiple times while Ez stayed at the nest with the Gs. Per Twitter, “4/26 Tonight: Ez arr 18:05, BR dep 18:23, BR rtn 18:37, BR dep 18:54, BR ret 19:12, BR dep 19:23, BR ret 19:30 BR dep 19:31, BR ret 19:37, BR dep 19:42, BR ret 19:48, Ez dep 20:22.” When BR returned the final time she stood on the nest for a very long time while Ez continued to brood (video link). Very odd. It seemed that there might be a possible intruder situation but we heard nothing and simply did not know. Karel and Cindy were informed of the situation and went to the nest, arriving just as Ez departed. They were not able to find anything (it was dark!) but they ran into a man who said that Ezra flew low straight over his car down the middle of Tower Road.



Karel and Cindy reported that on 4/25, Ez had gotten into with a Cooper’s Hawk. Another intruder was seen near the gorge while Karel and Cindy were filming Flash and Lady (the Cliff Hawks.) We also know that BR and Ez have been on alert a number of times since the beginning of the season. On Saturday, there was an interesting intruder sequence involving an osprey who flew overhead. BR and Ez both ended up taking off in that direction – although the osprey had been gone for a few minutes. After a short time, both BR and Ez returned to the nest with sticks. The reason for these actions remains a mystery. Karel and BOGette’s broadcast can be found on their Livestream and also there is a slightly edited YouTube version.

As geep has said, “SO much to observe and learn here.”

On Friday – to add to our strange week – the PTZ cam went down for unknown reasons and it remains to be seen whether it can be recovered this season. In the meantime, we are grateful to still have the fixed cam!

While all this has been going on, the Gs have been growing like weeds, stuffed to the brim daily by BR with prey faithfully delivered by Ezra. THAT part at least is not strange!


And of course we have had plenty of “awwww” moments, like this picture of Ezra preening the Gs.


Mom always gets her fair share of preening in too!


There was lots of naptime….


….even if it meant lying on one’s sibs (See Dennise’s cute video of this here!)


The Gs are getting around the nest bowl every day…


But the best place of all is still under Mom.



2016, Week 6


  1. Diane Adams says:

    fascinated by new activity you described so well. I wonder if BR and EZ after several years have developed as a couple, so that behavior is not just instinctive but attuned to each others individuality and skills.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Bob Carbaugh says:

    Supremely exciting – and a little frustrating, like a NatGeo documentary – with no narrator – new actions & behaviors without context. Now, now – no anthropomorphizing ! Love these feathered folks !

    Liked by 1 person

  3. shirley wendell says:

    Thanks Elly

    Liked by 1 person

  4. GhentArt says:

    Your beautiful images in this post illustrate so well all the interesting happenings at the nest. As always, thank you, Elly!

    Liked by 1 person

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