On the afternoon of May 29, BR was heard loudly vocalizing. Trtldove reports that BR was so loud that one could hear it echoing off buildings. Trtldove went out to investigate and found BR on the nest platform, obviously unhappy. Many thanks to trtdove for the story and pictures! πŸ™‚

“So I popped out to see what all the “conversation” was about….”

05292015_BR having a very loud conversation with Ez. you could hear echo btwn bldgs_Orig BOG photo_trtldove

20150529_Ma, ma, ma what's going on_orig BOG photo_trtldove

“Ma, Ma, Ma…what’s going on???”

“Ez was across the field munching on baby squirrel. Well, BR was not having that so she went over and took it and brought it back to the nest. Such hub bub!”

05292015_Loud conv was not making the point so she came to visit_Orig BOG photo_trtldove

“Loud conversation was not making the point, so she came to visit…”

05292015_took squirrel_Orig BOG photo_trtldove

…”and took the squirrel.”

20150529_Ez sans squirrel_orig BOG photo_trtldove

“Ez sans squirrel.”

05292015_brings back to nest_Orig BOG photo_trtldove

“BR bringing the squirrel back to the nest.”

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