20150526_1204_feathers and tails_F2

0526 F2

20150526_1209_Feathers and Tails_F1

0526 F1

20150527_2023_Feathers and Tails,_F3 stretching

0527 F3

20150528_1931_Feathers and Tails, F3, F1

0528 F3, F1

20150529_2027_Feathers and Tails_F1, F3

0529 F1, F3

20150529_2027_Feathers and tails_F3, f2

0529 F3, F2

20150529_2053_feathers and tails_a little late night tail preening_F1

0529 F1 preening tail

20150530_0651_Feathers and Tails_F1, F2, F3

0530 F1, F2, F3 lined up

20150530_1027_Feathers and Tails_F2

0530 F2

20150530_1031_feathers and tails_F2

0530 F2

20150530_1222_Feathers and Tails_F1

0530 F1

20150530_1224_Feathers and Tails_F1

0530 F1

20150530_190700_CURTH_F3 tail

0530 F3


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